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Quick tutorials for how to use the app

Signup & Signin

Uploading Product Catalog

Adding Inventory

Creating New Order

Receiving & Transferring Inventory

Adding Expenses

POS For Sales Rep.

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Quick tutorials for how to use the portal

Signing up

Uploading Product Catalog

Adding Inventory

Adding Customer profiles

Creating Order

Shipping Order



Fastest Deployment - in just 5 steps


Enter detail for each customer. Addresses are automatically geo-tagged. You can also upload customers using Excel / CSV. And you can have customer specific pricing for your items. 

4. Add Customers

Salesperson, Manager, Admin or Fulfiller? Maintain separate access for each role. You can also upload users using Excel/CSV. 

3. Add employees

The employee/Customer will receive a message with the link to access the app. Their phone numbers will be verified using SMS OTP before they can start to order. 

5. Send link to customers & employees to start ordering

Easily create list of items. Or upload them using an Excel CSV. Make sure the items have images, they’ll look great in a catalog. Your customers can see them in real-time. 

2. Upload Catalog Items

All we need is your name, phone number and email address to create an account for you.

1. Create an account