Orderjini Sales and eCommerce Platform

For B2B and B2C


Smartphone Store

Intelligent Store Management Platform

- Point of Sales & Inventory 

- Employee Management 

- Customer Relationship Management 

For Retailers

Aluminum Factory

Simple and Powerful B2B Sales and eCommerce Platform 

- Salesforce Management

- Retailer Ordering - Employee Management

For Enterprises, Distributors & Manufacturers 

- Track inventory across locations 

- Reconcile Cash sales everyday 

- Liquify non-moving inventory

- Control expenses across locations 

- Liquify non moving items 

- Control order collection costs

- Increase repeat business 

- Bring back lost customers 

- Use Analytics to Cross sell and Upsell

- Get more Orders from each salesperson 

- Collect B2B Orders and Payments Online 

- Optimize Salesforce Productivity 

Increase Sales

Reduce Costs

Increase Sales

Reduce Costs

Streamline Business

Streamline Business

- Access all business data realtime in 1 App 

- Eliminate accounting errors 

- Offer User interface in local languages 

- Reduce the order to cash cycle 

- access all your business data in one place 

- Improve efficiency with modules for leave, expense, Task management and attendance