Frequently asked questions

Can my customers pay me using this app? 

Yes. We offer a Razorpay integration, you can collect payments using Credit card, debit card, Net banking & Wallets

I don’t want to use Orderjini for my inventory management as I already have a system?

You can choose the modules you would like to use in Orderjini. 

Can I have multiple pricelists (for different customers)? 

Yes. You can create multiple price lists and tag them to different customer groups. 

What all reports can the system generates?

The system offers a range of analytics like Top Sold Items, Top Customers, Top Salespersons, Inventory reports, etc. 

How can my customers order from me using the app? 

The link to the portal, and to download the app will be sent to the customers once you add them in the system. 

Do you support partial shipments? 

Yes. You can have multiple shipments for one order, and generate invoice for a group of shipment lines. 

Can this app be integrated with my Legacy Systems?

Yes. We have an option to integrate the app with Accounting software like Tally and Quickbooks, and Online e-commerce software like Shopify. We also have an integration toolkit using which we can integrate with your legacy systems. 

How do I know my data is secure? 

In your user panel you will be able to see your users and roles. Access is controlled using a PIN, which is assigned with OTP verification of email ID or SMS to mobile. 

Can I use this for B2C?

Yes! The one Orderjini system supports Sales and eCommerce for B2B customers and B2C customers, with separate prices for both. 

Any other query?