About Us

Deep Expertise in Enterprise Applications, Products and Services in Retail and Distribution 

The Orderjini suite is perfectly suited for enterprises of all sizes and sector-agnostic. 

No matter how a company receives it's orders, Orderjini is an all encompassing, Omnichannel solution that is integrated with popular ERPs, Accounting Software and eCommerce portals.

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Our Story

Mobijini's ambitions are based on the following pillars: 

  • Industry's need for solutions that are Cloud and Mobile First 

  • Companies seeking SaaS Solutions with low investment and Quick Start 

  • Digital Transformation and need for Agility in Retail and Distribution 

The Mobijini team is comprised of core team members who have decades of experience in cutting edge technology at multi-billion dollar companies as well as SMEs. We understand the value of Security, Scalability and Usability of Solutions. 

Mission and Vision

Create a platform to digitize the entire supply chain - from manufacturer to distributor to retailer to consumers.

Create the most frictionless omnichannel experience for distribution and retail  - offline or online

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